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Cha-Um Christian camp.This is so cool

Date: 12-16 April 2000
Place: Cha Am beach, Petburi province ( southern Thailand. 2 Hours from Bangkok)
Topic: "Spiritual Worriors"
Participants: Christians nationwide and their friends.
Bring: Come as you are, and bring your smiling face.
Host: Soi 4 church of Christ (Somprasong 4 church of Christ)
Phone Number: 66-2-2552133 (front of the church's secretary room), 02-2528621 (next to the kitchen) uncle Whirl or his wife, aunt PimPa or Sud Jai, their daughter will come to get you.
Email @ddress:
Pager:152-482835{rung}, 1500-211901 [Young]
Mobile phone: 01-9137613 (Big Su)
Main Speakers: Uncle Ken. The others are Uncle Samarn Sangmee, Khun Somboon from Chiangmai, Pii Prakong and Pii Sunet Kaewkumharn, Pii Samran Srisuthum ==>>
Youths: youths from Soi 4, and from North, East, West, South.E-mail me to vote who's the "Star", the cutest, the most server, the laziness, the perfect attendance, and the girliest of the camp????
Sum up from the topic "Spiritual Worriors"
  • First night ( Apr 12) : "Shape Up"
  • 2nd night: Who do we fight?--the rulers and the authorities of this dark world. --Eph. 6:7-8 ?
  • 3rd night : Our weapons: Armor of God; helmet of salvation, belt of truth which is Jesus Christ, breast plate of righteousness, sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, etc.
  • 4th night: the Ta Harn Mar ( Horse soldier) of Christ)--Mt. 16:18 " Up on this rock, I'll build my church and the gates of Hades cannot overcome it-NIV? We are to attack Satan's gate of death with the mighty log which is Christ. We are the attacker, not a defender. And God is with us anywhere whether a few congregations in Utah or 120 congreg. in Tennessee. It's not the preachers, the huge congregations, money, elders, or anything that matters, but God does.

Churches of Christ Directory in Thailand.
  1. Korat church of Christ. Tel. 044- I don't remember!
  2. Khonkaen church of Christ at Ban Kham Hai. Tel 045-246143( Khun Gim's house)
  3. Chiangmai church of Christ Tel.053-262612, 223951, 223624
  4. Udorn church of Christ:
  5. Ubonratchathani church of Christ: 045- I forgot!
  6. Phu Ket church of Christ I met new friend, Curtis, a Sunset graduate. He works here.
  7. Sa Mui island church of Christ: Khun Kae is an evangelist after finished from a preaching school in Phu Ket. A man of one wife with a three-year-old daughter.
  8. Lum Pang church of Christ : contact Uncle Ken at West Ark church of Christ at Lao's mission's page.
  9. Trang church of Christ.
  10. Kra bi church of Christ at Lum Tap: Ah, you know " the Beach" and "Leonardo Dicaprio". Why don't you know this place?
  11. SongKla church of Christ: Khun Prateep and Pii Noi (Pakdee Laoh-Lapa). Pii Noi is a great singer and preaching the word as well.
  12. Chiang Rai church of Christ
  13. Chai Ya Poom church of Christ
  14. Loei church of Christ : Pii Udorn preaches here.
  15. Ban Rai Puay church of Christ: Khun Anucha is an active youth ministry here. Oh, he's going to be a father of their baby very soon. Her wife is Khun Kiew. She is very "Jai Dee".
  16. Mae Klong church of Christ
  17. Siam University church of Christ

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Are they on the way to heaven?
Are they a denomination?
Are they teaching false doctrine?
What does it mean to be just a Christian?
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